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Midas is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria to promote the development of soccer and broadcast media across Africa, Since 2009 Midas has been a force to reckon with by using soccer as an effective tool to improve the lives of youths in Nigeria and Africa as well as helping business to grow in huge way. Midas has a strong network of soccer clubs and agencies around the world, we have been helping young players with opportunity to showcase their talents to football coaches, agents and scouts from Europe, Asia, North Africa and the United States of America. Our company also own Midas football academy that has competed and won several football competitions such as Lions Gold Cup in Germany and Football Festival Denmark in 2009, Abesan Cup Tournament in 2013 and presently plays in the Football Academy league in Nigeria. The company other services include, Broadcast & Football Equipment Purchase Services, Football preseason tours, camps, clinics, tournament consultant, Radio & Television Production.
BAYONLE'S   Vision
I have a dream to establish and operate the first online soccer television channel where major football leagues across the world would be transmitted live to internet audience in the United States, Europe and Africa. I have a dream to partner with broadcast and sports related franchise businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia to establish a market for them in Nigeria and Africa. To organize world class soccer tours and competitions for football clubs, conglomerates and organizations.
Suite 10, Ebun Oluwa shopping complex, ijaiye.

Luatemiehentaku 7B 24, 15100 LAHTI FINLAND

+234 [0] 805 346 7226
+234 [0] 702 573 4894

P.O Box - 22263 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


This space is free for your adverts, contact us for more information