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AISTS launches future females in sport scholarship

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Posted on 02, April 2015 05:30:15 in the category Sports Opportunities
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AISTS launches future females in sport scholarship.

The scholarship offers one female candidate wishing to pursue a career in sports administration the chance to study the AISTS Master of Sports Administration (MSA) in 2016 with half the tuition fee covered by the AISTS.

We recognise that barriers continue to exist for women taking up leadership positions in sport,” says Dr. Claude Stricker, AISTS executive director. “This scholarship presents just one less barrier and one more way to encourage a more equal industry.”

Back in 2011, the June Canavan Foundation established the “future female leaders in sport scholarship” in honour of Dr. June Canavan, an AISTS MSA graduate who lost her life in the Kokoda plane crash in 2009.

Due to limitations in funding, however, 2013 was the last year the scholarship was offered.

I have no doubt saying this scholarship changed my life,” says AISTS MSA graduate, Thayssa Bravo Plum, the first recipient of the June Canavan scholarship and now media relations manager for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee.

Unfortunately you do not see many women in leadership positions in sports and this can only be changed with a change of culture but also strong incentives such as the future female leader in sport scholarship.“

In honour of June’s memory, the AISTS has re-established the scholarship with the unchanged aim of rewarding a female applicant who is committed to ethical sport leadership. The scholarship will be open to female applicants from all countries. Applications for the scholarship and the 2016 AISTS MSA are now being accepted. 

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