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Bursary opportunity available for the Communities & Crisis 2015 conference

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Posted on 09, July 2015 00:22:08 in the category Sports Opportunities
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Bursary opportunity available for the Communities & Crisis 2015 conference.

The event, on the 2 to 7 November 2015, is the eighth edition of ICSSPE's annual seminar, Communities & Crisis – Inclusive Development through Sport. The bursaries will cover all registration fees, including seminar participation, all meals and coffee breaks, accommodation in the seminar hotel and local transportation from Berlin to Rheinsberg.

As in previous years, Communities & Crisis will be a hands-on seminar on the usage of sport for peace building, trauma relief and inclusive community building. Experts from various different fields, such as sport science, adapted physical activity, development cooperation, social work, psychology and occupational therapy, will provide participants with knowledge and insights to be used in the field.

To apply for one of the bursaries, please provide the following documents:
  • Letter of intent (one page)
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation by superior or professor
  • Completed registration form.

Kindly send your application to Jael Krestan at before 15 July 2015. Please note that ICSSPE cannot cover travel or visa costs.

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