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International Sport and Development Summer 2015 Camp in Togo

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Posted on 11, June 2015 12:21:14 in the category Sports Opportunities
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International Sport and Development Summer 2015 Camp in Togo.

If you are a student or volunteer and you like to work with other people, or you are in search of a humanitarian mission in Western Africa - You are invited to join us this summer in 2015. For almost three weeks, you will be with Togolese volunteers to deliver the project.

The main objectives are:

  • Let sport be the main tool for development and sustainable peace.
  • Provide a youth exchange and promote tourism

Togo is a small country between Ghana (west), Benin (east), Burkina Faso (north) and the Atlantic Ocean (south). It has almost seven million inhabitants. Lomé is the capital and Kpalimé is the primary tourist destination; it is here that the camp will be held.

During the camp, we will help the local population with construction and sport infrastructure projects, some of which will be at local schools in Kpalimé. Of course we will not only work during the camp, but there will also be time for rest and relaxation. Work will be completed between 8am and 11:30am before cultural exchanges and activities, dancing, traditional games, Batik and natural paint technique training in the afternoon. During the weekends, there will be opportunities to see other parts of Togo. Finally, we will have a final camp meeting to provide the opportunity for feedback on the camp, and to ensure better results and improvements in our organisation for the future.

On the last three days of the camp, we will have festivals: Citizen Tournament (volleyball and football); and the day before our guests leave us, a huge Kermes will be organised, alongwith some time for us to share gifts (souvenirs) and award the participation certificate.

Key information
Project: International Sport and Development Summer 2015 Camp
Country: Togo
Town: Kpalime
Duration: 6 - 28 August 2015

Telephone: 00228 90996345/ 00228 97288596, Email:

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