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Opportunity for Women’s Sport Leadership Academy 2016

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Posted on 15, October 2015 00:56:15 in the category Sports Opportunities
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Opportunity for Women’s Sport Leadership Academy 2016.

WSLA 2016 aims to bring together forty outstanding women leaders, half from the UK and half from around the world, providing a unique learning environment that will support the women to further develop their leadership competencies.

Who is the WSLA aimed at?
We are seeking applications from women who:

  • Are currently in middle management or recently appointed senior managers or board members of sport/sport-for-development organisations
  • Have key areas of responsibility such as heading up a specific department/area/project for their organisation or have current responsibility for influencing people and/or managing staff
  • Are identified as future leaders by their organisations
  • Are committed to making a difference and enhancing opportunities for women and girls in and through sport
  • Have good written and spoken English (please note that no translation service will be provided)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development

By the end of WSLA 2016 you will have:

  • Further developed confidence and competence in a range of leadership behaviours
  • Produced a Personal Development Plan with clear goals
  • Developed career strategies
  • Participated in regular networking
  • Improved intercultural understanding
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Better knowledge and understanding of the global women and sport movement
  • Access to international mentoring networks and have extended your own network

For more information, please contact:

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