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Participate in the 2015 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth

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Posted on 20, August 2015 02:51:23 in the category Sports Opportunities
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Participate in the 2015 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth.

All organisations, sports clubs and communities are invited to participate to highlight and celebrate the contribution of children and youth in the achievement of the United Nations goals for peace, non-violence and healthy human development. In 2015, as in previous years, registrants will receive a certificate of participation, special messages from the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace and from FIFA. Participants are invited to sign the UNESCO Manifesto for Peace and Non-violence created by Nobel peace laureates. A report on the events of all GPG participants is compiled and sent at year end. The GPG have no commercial support and are powered by the grassroot spirit of children, youth and communities to work together for a better future. In 2014, thousands participated in 35 countries across six continents. The aim is to grow participation each year.


The GPG build solidarity among communities and digitally connect and unite participants around the world. Its low-cost structure empowers local organisations to create their own event regardless of resources, and engages children and youth at both local and international levels in the global agenda of human development. Free, friendly sport tournaments enhanced with relevant development themes, along with the use of arts and the culture of music for example, show the vital role that sport can play to inspire and drive health and social change for people of all ages.


To register, send the following information to
  • Name of organisation
  • City and country where Games will take place
  • Anticipated date of Games
  • Name of person responsible for registration
  • e-mail address
  • Telephone
  • Postal address

For detailed information on the Games and reports from prior years, please see the playsoccer website.
Questions: please contact PSNI at

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