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PeacePlayers International Fellowship programme

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Posted on 28, October 2015 17:50:02 in the category Sports Opportunities
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PeacePlayers International Fellowship programme.

Since 2001, PPI has recruited 100 outstanding post-collegiate scholar athletes as international fellows to serve two year terms supporting its programs in Northern Ireland, South Africa, the Middle East and Cyprus. PPI Fellows provide basketball expertise, serve as mentors and role models, and act as neutral facilitators for PPI coaches and participants.

Fellows also benefit from an exceptional educational and professional experience and are at the forefront of a worldwide movement to use sport as a vehicle for social change. Upon completing their fellowships, PPI alumni have gone on to careers in fields including finance, technology, sports management, coaching, teaching, social entrepreneurship, international development and have attended graduate schools including the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Columbia University Business School, and Tuft’s Fletcher School of Diplomacy.

Key responsibilities


  • To assist and support local coaches in the field at practices
  • To support the coordination of twinning sessions for large groups of children, with a view towards serving as a mediator and creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere
  • To assist in carrying out Peace Education sessions with facilitators in the field on a regular basis, by leading basketball drills from the Anatomy of Peace Curriculum
  • To facilitate basketball and life skills clinics
  • To assist with planning and leading events, such as tournaments, Peace League, retreats etc
  • To help lead weekly Leadership Development Training in conjunction with local project manager and coach, including basketball training, leadership training and social action projects
  • To assist as a trainer for professional development clinics, overnight retreats etc
  • To conduct clinics/lectures for local partners as needed on behalf of PPI

Organisational development

  • To create/document training materials (manuals, video’s etc.)
  • To assist with office work, including data collection, data entry and general administration
  • To attend team meetings as scheduled
  • To serve as a positive role model for youth in the programme
  • To serve as a representative for the organisation in general and during site visits by organisational stakeholders
  • To maintain frequent communication with co-workers, supervisors and partners


  • To contribute to PPI's blog “From the Field” on a weekly basis
  • To collect PPI "success stories" from a participants, coaches, community members etc
  • To take and upload photos of activities and manage on-line photo albums
  • To assist with responsible promotion with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

To apply, please send a resume, application and cover letter to Please send additional questions/enquiries to

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