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Street League accepting applications for its aftercare coordinator position

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Posted on 12, February 2015 16:40:57 in the category Sports Opportunities
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Street League accepting applications for its aftercare coordinator position.

The aftercare coordinator is responsible for the tracking, supporting and monitoring of Street League participants following exit from the Street League service for up to one year via aftercare provision. Application deadline: 12 February 2015
Summary of post:
To be responsible for delivering an aftercare service for Street League participants in the London area following exit from the Academy programme. The post holder will track and monitor a cohort of young people for up to 12 months to help ensure that they achieve a sustainable outcome.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for participants sustaining employment, education and training destinations
  • To offer in-work support to Street League participants by working closely with host employers and training providers
  • To track, monitor and record individual participant progression providing aftercare support to individuals for up to one year
  • To support the progressions coordinator with the collection of progression evidence at 5, 13 and 26 weeks by working closely with participants, host employers and training providers
  • To develop an innovative aftercare service which enables tracking, monitoring and keeping detailed records of interaction with clients including, one-on-one meetings, sports events and long-distance aftercare (e.g. internet, telephonic)
  • To build and maintain relationships with participants
  • To organise and facilitate quarterly aftercare events for Street League graduates in partnership with the operations team

  • Experience working in a team in a community education, development or employability setting
  • Experience planning, strategising and working to targets
  • Experience working with young people and vulnerable groups
  • Experience building strong relationships with partners

Knowledge and understanding:
  • A comprehensive knowledge of career pathways and of voluntary, academic and training opportunities for the Street League client group
  • A knowledge of the third sector, voluntary organisations and their role in relation to community and national government

Skills and abilities:
  • The ability to organise and to be self-motivated
  • A willingness to undertake training and personal development
  • The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • To have a confident and calm approach to problems and an ability to use initiative in finding solutions
  • Excellent literacy and numeracy skills
  • The ability to network effectively

  • Community Education / Development - Degree level or equivalent

Visit the Street League wensite for more information on applying for this position
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