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U.S. Embassy Nigeria-Call for Grant Proposals

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Posted on 29, March 2017 02:16:25 in the category Entrepreneurship
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U.S. Embassy Nigeria-Call for Grant Proposals.

Purpose of Grants: 
The purpose of this grant is to memorialize the late John Paul Usman, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, by funding project(s) submitted by YALI Network members from Nigeria focusing on his areas of interest:

  1. Children’s rights issues 
  2. Peace building.

Eligibility Information: 
PAS encourages applications from Nigeria YALI Network members or their organizations located in Nigeria including:

  1. Registered not-for-profit and civil society/non-governmental organizations with at least two years of programming experience; 
  2. Individuals with two years of not-for-profit, project management, or education; experience.

This award is open to RLC alumni but NOT open to alumni of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program or their organizations.

Please find further details and how to apply at, proposals will be accepted until April 14, 2017. It is important to read the full instructions before applying.


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