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Vital Mental Skills For Soccer

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Posted on 28, April 2015 11:20:54 in the category Developmental Football
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LastModified: 28, April 2015 11:35:22

Vital Mental Skills For Soccer.

Be Relentless with Confident Self-Talk

Champions don’t listen to themselves, they talk to themselves. I often say to my academy players – talk through your game. Your self-talk is as important as your feet in football. Constantly talk back to any negatives you may experience on the pitch. Make your inner voice loud and energised. Use it to stay focused and confident. Use it to help you relax and use it to help you compete at the right intensity. Use it to self-instruct and use it to problem solve. this is one of the best ways to motivate yourself and build that confidence as a player, you need it and will need it all through your career.


>SPOT the bad thoughts and squash them dead by talking confidently to yourself. Be relentless with this. Be non stop. Make your inner voice your best and biggest fan. Make your inner voice your own personal coach. Make the remaining part of the year all about yourself-talk Become World class at using this mental skill to help you play with confidence, with intelligence, with passion and with an eye on being the very best player you can be every second of every game.

Watch The Ball Less

I was recently having a conversation at a football conference with one of the leading coaches on the planet, a German coach called Bodo Menze. Bodo has produced many players for the German National Team within his role as Head of Academy at Schalke Football Club. I talked to Bodo about one of my many theories on the development of footballers. I told him that I thought the ball was a distraction for players – the brain is attracted to the most important thing in its environment and, when you’re on the pitch that tends to be the ball. Bodo was fascinated with this piece of neuroscience and agreed, that ball watching is one of the big problems that hold soccer players back. ahead of the summer transfer window and the remaining part of the year 2015 strive to stop focusing so much on the ball. Remember, 99% of the time you are on the pitch you won';t be in contact with the ball. It’s your movement, the movement of the opposition, the space around you – those are the important elements of the game.

Watch The Players More

Watch more football on TV and on the internet. Go to popular football field or school around your resident everyday – just for 5 or 10 minutes a day – to learn from the soccer greats. The key here is to watch the players and not the ball. As difficult as it is ignore the ball – forget the game. Focus on the behaviours and actions of the players. Focus on their movement, the runs they make, their body shape. Focus on their decision making. Think about their thinking. Enjoy the process of learning from them. Put yourself in their boots., Imagine yourself on the pitch playing in front of thousands of people. Run the kilometres with them. Make the decisions they make. Make your inner images big and bold and bright. Play with freedom in your mind and store the intelligent plays you are watching. throughout the remainder of 2015 strive to become a student of the game. Watch your favorite players – don’t just look – REALLY watch! Stare! Think about them! Think about their game and let it settle deep in your mind. Be them to become them. Goodluck ahead. 

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