Bayonle Arashi is a passionate sport professional with extensive experience in the areas of communications, TV/radio, public relations, marketing, social media, media relations, journalism, special events and gameday operations. A certified sport professional and member of International Sports Press Association (AIPS) and. Follow Bayonle Arashi on twitter:@midassoccer

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Vital Mental Skills For Soccer

Bayonle Arashi shares his insights and advice for success on the football field for players of all ages. A broadcast journalist and football entrepreneur, Bayonle is a Nigerian and works with professional and grassroots football players in Nigeria and around Africa.  Bayonle has a big plan and dream for development of football in Africa from the grassroots level that will give birth to the new generation of football stars.

Here are few plans for football players as we prepare for the long summer transfer window where many important moves are set to take place:


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