Murhi International Television


This was the organisation that gave me my first break into the world of broadcasting few months after my graduation from Government Technical College, I was listening to radio one late evening when the vancancy into the organisation was annouced on air and i wrote down the address then informed my dad the following morning about it and he advised i submit the application, I remembered he accompanied me to Alausa area of Ikeja in Lagos state to submit the job application. I was by that time working as an apprentice at a radio and television technician workshop because i do not want to be idle in anyway, few weeks later my dad rushed to the apprentice shop that i have been invited for a job interview at MITV, it was one of the best days of my life and the interview was for the next day, I quickly ask for permission from my boss and followed my dad to a fashion shop where he got me a new shirt and trouser to put on for the interview the next day.

I also remembered him waking me up in the middle of the night to pray because he was a stunch muslim by that time and i joined for prayers till around 3am before i was asked to get a sleep, we were at the head office of the organisation as early as 8am the next day around Omole Area of Lagos and we were over 100 people invited to come for the interview, my dad was also there with me because i was so young. I waited along with him for several hours before it got to my turn at about 3pm in the afternoon and it was that same time the Group Chairman of the company stepped in and walked straight into the interview room, he saw me and asked young man which state are you from? I answered confidently that i was from Ibadan area of Oyo state and he told everyone there that THIS IS MY SON. The interview was concluded and we were taking into the practical room for a test, i was asked to identify some basic electronics items such as capacitor, a television tube, a transistor and solding iron and i answered all.

Got the job and resumed a week after the interview as a Broadcast Technician but i was always leaving the transmitter room for the MCR each morning to see how it is done there, i began to learn the basic function of transmission through the help and guidance of one of the best guys i ever met Late Adeolu Olanihun who saw the hunger in me and not also aware my Chief Engineer was watching the development as well. after 2 months at the transmitter room i was transffered to the Master Control Room to become a Transmission Officer and Master Control Room Operator.

Position Held



1999 - 2002


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